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Apologies to the Ute Tribe

This is an open letter to members of the Ute Tribe, the Ute Tribal Business Committee and tribal communities.

QEP regrets and I hereby personally apologize for our decision to challenge the Uintah and Ouray Reservation boundary and jurisdictional authority of the tribe as part of our company’s legal defense of the federal government’s Clean Air Act case. To that end, we have voluntarily and unilaterally amended our answer to the government’s complaint to eliminate the defenses associated with the disestablishment of the Uncompahgre portion of your reservation, and the court has now accepted our amended answer.

As we discussed in our recent meeting with the Business Committee, it was never QEP’s intention to question the Ute Tribe’s sovereignty over its lands or its business affairs, and we regret any misunderstanding that may have been created as a result of our legal defense. QEP remains committed to working in a cooperative partnership with the Ute Tribe to assist in the responsible development of the tribe’s energy resources.

– Charles B. Stanley

President and CEO

QEP Resources, Inc.

Denver, Colo.