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Apocalypse Not: It's December 21, and We Are Still Here, as the Mayans Predicted

[node:summary]The Mayans never predicted world collapse on December 21, 2012, just the beginning of a new era. And everything went according to plan.
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At 6:12 a.m. today, the earth’s North Pole was tilted as far away from the sun as it ever gets. And it was not the onset of anything except winter, here in the Northern Hemisphere, and summer, in the southern one.

In other words, the world did not end. And, given that it is already December 22 in New Zealand, Australia and a host of other places, it is not scheduled to.

Mayan scholars, elders and laypeople; astronomers and NASA, and a host of other experts have been debunking the notion of the end of the world for months if not years. In the end, the only real proof is in the proverbial pudding: December 21 has come and nearly gone, and we are still here.

The spaceship that was supposed to pick people up on the mountain Pic de Bugarach is not docking. The sun is behaving, and the solar flare that was supposed to shoot from it and envelope the Earth is not materializing. And the rogue planet Nibiru, which would have been visible for weeks beforehand if it were on the way, has yet to show. 

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True, the Mayan Long Count calendar, a circular affair, did not go beyond this day. But that is because it is simply turning over, like an odometer—coming full circle, as it were.