Another Amazing Eagle Released by Sacred Friends in Virginia

See another amazing Bald eagle release by Sacred Friends, Inc.

An adolescent 12-week old female bald eagle was released back into the wild last Friday in York County, Virginia after a rehabilitation by the nonprofit organization Sacred Friends, Inc., which is owned and operated by Pearl Beamer, (Lakota) and Jimmy “Two Hawks” Beamer (Cherokee).

The Beamers, who are federally licensed wildlife handlers, received the injured bald eagle in April, along with one other young bald eagle. According to Pearl, the bald eagle had fallen to the ground when the nest was blown from a tree during a rainstorm with high winds. The nest fell 20 feet and was lodged once again in the tree.

Steve Living, a terrestrial biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries released an eagle last Friday. (photo Shelly Fowler),

Pearl said that after the first female eagle was sighted next to a road, a concerned person made a call, York County Animal Control searched the area and discovered an eagle. The area was searched again two days later and another eagle was discovered.The eagles were brought together to Sacred Friends for rehabilitation.

Steve Living, a terrestrial biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, said the approximate 12-week old female was emaciated and was probably down on the ground for several days. “It is truly remarkable because the female would have had to have walked a long distance to be discovered” where it was found.

“It was a pretty amazing,” said Pearl. “And a bit funny if you look at it. The adolescent eagles fell from a tall tree along with their nest. The one female had to walk through the woods and past three houses, as if she was on an evening stroll. The funny part is as if she said to her sibling, ‘I know our nest just fell, stay here while I go get help!”

On Thursday, Living released the eagle. It flew quickly into the sky, and landed in tall trees several hundred yards away.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Living told me as I was reporting the story.. “My son was able to help, and now his school will know he had a valid reason to be a little bit late to his seventh grade class.”

Living’s son Morgan said, “It is pretty cool to watch this type of thing. I have had multiple chances to see the cool things my dad does. I am glad to be involved in an eagle release.”

Photo Vincent Schilling

Steve Living, a terrestrial biologist with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and his son Morgan enjoy seeing eagles in the course of Living's work.

“We also now have four eagles,” said Pearl. “Stay tuned for more releases to come. Sadly, one was hurt and is not releasable, but If everything goes right there will be three more.”

For more information or to donate to Sacred Friends, visit their website at www.SacredFriend.org.

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