Annual Crazy Horse Ride Leads Into Oglala Lakota Veterans Pow Wow

A story about the 2013 Crazy Horse Memorial Ride and the 25th Annual All Veterans Oglala Lakota Traditional Pow Wow on Pine Ridge Reservation.

The annual Crazy Horse Ride is underway. This year, the 16th annual, is focusing on renewal, after devastating wildfires affected the Great Plains last summer. 

This year's ride began June 2 and is finishing today, June 6. The event is an effort to unify communities, remember Lakota warrior Crazy Horse, honor today’s veterans and provide a safe, cultural experience for Lakota youth, according to organizer Charles "Bamm" Brewer, Oglala Lakota.

Crazy Horse Ride/Facebook

The procession traverses the highway from Fort Robinson in Nebraska to Pine Ridge, where it will lead right into the 25th Annual All Veterans Oglala Lakota Gathering and Traditional Pow Wow. The pow wow is being held on the Pine Ridge Pow Wow Grounds and wil run through Sunday, June 9. For more information about the pow wow, call 605-441-6430.

Crazy Horse Ride/Facebook

Crazy Horse Ride Ft. Design 2013. "Earn it wear it and represent the Horse Nation of the Lakota Oyate"

Although full of historical importance and signifcance, Brewer wanted to keep things simple. “I want to keep it a humble ride,” he told the Rapid City Journal, stressing the significance of the spiritual and cultural connections the ride provides for him and others.

“It has a huge spiritual impact on me,” Brewer said.