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Animated series generates diabetes awareness

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BISMARCK, N.D – The animated series, “Iktomi” chronicles the life of a man diagnosed with diabetes. Viewers follow Iktomi’s journey as he learns how to take better care of himself and is challenged with making the lifestyle changes necessary to effectively manage his disease.

A trickster who’s always trying to fool himself and others, Iktomi, struggles with accepting his health needs and doesn’t want to believe he has to change his bad habits in order to stay healthy. Audiences learn along with Iktomi, valuable lessons about caring for physical, mental and emotional health.

KAT Communications worked with Standing Rock Diabetes on “Iktomi’s Walk With Diabetes” and The Aberdeen Area Indian Health Service on the next four programs in the series: “Mind, Spirit and Emotion;” “Learning About Foot Care;” “Learning About Nutrition;” and “Moving to Stay Healthy.”

The “Iktomi” series is one of many programs aired on GoodHealthTV to educate and raise awareness about diabetes. GoodHealthTV is a subscription based health education network that features entertaining, culturally reflective and community connected programming with practical tools for improving health and wellness.

Diabetes health education programming provides resources to help people not only maintain overall health, but live well and thrive. The unique delivery of health education through GoodHealthTV provides audiences in rural communities unprecedented exposure to positive health and wellness messages.

GoodHealthTV programming provides education about diabetes and a wide variety of other health topics, such as behavioral health, elder health, heart health, men’s and women’s health, history and culture, and nutrition and fitness. A video library of programming can be seen online.

With placement of GoodHealthTV broadcasts in clinic and health care facilities, patient wait time becomes an opportunity for health education. In addition it connects community members with existing health programs and provides a venue for community announcements.

GoodHealthTV programming is currently featured in more than 28 facilities across the country. To honor their commitment to health education, GoodHealthTV has launched a page on its Web site dedicated to the Iktomi series. You can visit to find the Iktomi video library as well as educational materials.