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An Oscar-Night Poem: 'The Drone Ranger Explains Manifest Destiny'

A poem about Disney's The Lone Ranger, Manifest Destiny, and drone warfare by Rick Kearns.
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The 86th Academy Awards will be presented tonight, an occasion that inspired ICTMN contributor Rick Kearns, a published poet, to share a recent composition. "I heard that the recent Lone Ranger movie was up for two Oscars and that makes my head spin," Kearns writes. Lone Ranger is indeed nominated, for makeup and special effects. "To put it mildly I think that movie is a racist abomination. The attached poem was my reaction to it." 

The Drone Ranger Explains Manifest Destiny

I think I get it now
a little kid, a little white kid
dressed as The Lone Ranger
is drawn to the wax figure
of the Ranger's sidekick
who comes alive
to tell the epic tale
of a folk hero, a white folk hero
in cahoots with an
Indian man with mystical powers
Yes, an Indian man
who mystically becomes
a wax figure in a museum.
Uh, huh,
Heroic, yes, yes, heroic
man who grunts
one syllable replies
dressed as well,
dressed as how a
multi-millionaire actor
playing the role
of the crafty Indian
thinks it should be
played to show dignity,
yes, the dignity of
assisting a white man
in a cotillion masquerade mask
fight greed?
Hundreds of millions of dollars
of special effects to highlight
a white man
in a cotillion mask
and an LSD version
of an Indian
fighting greed.

Fighting the greedy
railroad scammer who
would disenfranchise
millions of white settlers
who were called
by destiny
person to person
unlimited minutes
Destiny manifest
in their brutally effective
war machines and
centers of learning
where they learn
how to explain
the rights of white people
to take Indian land
kill Indian people
and attempt
to erase Indian culture. 

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Hi yo Silver!
Up in the air
up in the sky
it's a bird
it's a plane
No it's
the Drone Ranger
rides again
off to fight
the violent Al Queda
but somehow
historical memory banks
not included in this app
the ones where
women and children
are running for their lives
at Wounded Knee
as women and children
are running for their lives
in Pakistan, Afghanistan
and now maybe
Pine Ridge,

The Drone Ranger
is there to explain
the humane war machine
that is his destiny
manifest in it's ability
to kill without
brave soldiers dying
while maneuvering
the killing joystick
of advanced technology
that helps us
create billion dollar
images of how we
honor our enemies
by immortalizing them
in wax
after we take their land
take their oil
take their children.

Up, up and away
Hi yo Halliburton!
The Drone Ranger rides again!

--copyright Rick Kearns 2013