An Occupy Movement Update

A column by Chase Iron Eyes about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

September 17, 2011, Wall Street (USA), Zucotti Park (renamed Liberty Park by occupiers), hundreds heeded ADBUSTER’S call to Occupy Wall Street. Why? In Short, the stated reasons can be summed up with the goal of ending corporate greed’s death-lock on our democracy. When will it stop? Nobody knows. Did you think they would make it through the winter? Who is running this Occupy show? Nobody knows. With no top-down command system everything that we see is truly spontaneous. In fact, decisions are made according to varying degrees of consensus and direct democracy at occupy centers. Is mainstream even covering this anymore? Not really. Here is why the movement is still important.

Nobody saw this coming. Now, nobody will forget. Occupy will not go anywhere because “corporate greed” has no immediate end. This is the way the system is designed to work. There has to be extreme poverty for others to be extremely wealthy and wasteful. Those who control the means are just as inclined to ride this death-machine, and their standard of living, to its bitter end as they are to dismiss the Occupy movement as a fringe group of ex-hippies, vagrants, and numbskulls who should “get a job.” The people are speaking. I know those that control our material existence are hearing the 99%, but not listening. They do not want to; they’re waiting for media to ignore the movement and for the flames of action to die down to cold coals. Not going to happen.

We are reaching a financial-industrial-capital time of truth. How long can we live under this system, under the yoke of greed? What do you expect of the 99%? We are human spirits, not chemical reactions. The root of the movement (greed, economic inequality) is not palpable enough for Americans to start risking serious freedoms. Yes, we know it is not right so we occupy (prolonged protest), hoping they hear us. That will get us somewhere, but in order to grab the Wall Street bull by the horns occupiers will have to take it a step further. The movement needs to be wild, spontaneous, and continuously disruptive to force the kind of change they are shooting for.

With the planned, permit applied for, occupy camps, all “they” have to do is refocus the media on Jeremy Lin, the Super Bowl, and any other created celebrity while continuing to resell us the American Dream. People start to forget about Occupy, quickly. Who remembers Congress bailing out big-auto and the bankers to save this house of cards? Who will remember the next card “they” will prop up if it seems to wobble under its own weight? With the planned, permitted occupations, the 99% is too easily subsumed. The 99% is passionate but too easily delighted with a nicer slice of the existing pie. It is an extremely tall order to create revolutionaries in the “first” world.

We do want a fair life, not just a fair wage. We want equity; we want the earth’s wealth to be distributed more equally according to each person’s work and need. Now, the 99% are forced to comply with this system to scratch out an existence at the sufferance of those at the top of the house of cards. I don’t see an immediate end. I have to submit to the system to feed, clothe and shelter my family. I don’t know what will change this place but I know we all know this is not the way it’s supposed to be.

The planet is sick. We are the disease. We do not seem to know what to do. We want to help. We know right from wrong. Creator gave us a conscience and a spirit but we are peaceful by nature so we tend to go with the flow. Only this flow is killing the planet. Try talking about that with a friend, you’ll get a blank or dismissive stare. A few corporations have succeeded in capturing the greater part of the earth’s resources and are now riding out the remainder of their power and influence which will last for at least a generation to come if it can downpress the Occupiers. The movement is not losing steam, it just lost sporadic violent occurrences that mainstream could sensationalize. We are fixated on the GOP presidential search bloopers at the moment.

The 99% no longer wants to exist at the whim of the billionaires; we no longer want our vote and our voice to be completely drowned out by a billionaire donating 100 million dollars to any political candidate, all but buying an office. That’s just sad and laughable at the same time.

Spring is upon us; I predict in upswing in occupy actions especially in light of the Democratic and Republican Conventions as well as the U.S. Presidential election. Downpressor man, where you gonna run to when you can’t bribe the lastrealindians of the world.

Strong Hearts to the Front; It is a Good Day to Live.

Chase Iron Eyes is a founding writer at