An Apple a day fosters learning at Sequoyah


TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – Apples, the red shiny fruit, have long been associated with teachers and education. Now Apples, the kind that process information, are going to become part of Sequoyah Schools’ daily education plan.

Sequoyah Technology Education Program, also known as STEP, started recently at the Tahlequah-based school, which is operated by the Cherokee Nation. The school has purchased more than 400 Apple laptop computers for students and teachers.

“Technology will allow us to create more engaging and compelling learning opportunities for the students,” said Rita Bunch, Sequoyah Schools’ superintendent. “We want our students to have the 21st century skills that will prepare them to be college and career ready when they graduate.”

“In January, all of our teachers will begin using the laptops to integrate technology into their lessons on a regular basis.”

While the addition of 400 white, 13” laptops to the campus is the most obvious, it is not the most impressive technological resource to the school. The campus has undergone an extensive fiber optic renovation to allow each of its buildings to have wireless Internet and increased broadband width to allow for faster file transfers and file storage.

“This will allow our students to utilize their computers to their fullest capability,” Bunch said.