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AMERIND Provides Assistance

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Tribal Family Emergency Fund

VALLEY CENTER, Calif. - AMERIND distributed thousands of dollars in aid on
April 24 on both the Rincon and San Pasqual Indian reservations.

The grandmothers and families were happy to receive help from the more than
450 tribes that make up AMERIND.

AMERIND and its members have authorized financial assistance to those
tribal families who were living in harm's way when the fires came through
the area. Each identified family received a $1,000 gift card. AMERIND
approved $100,000 to create the Tribal Family Emergency Fund and encouraged
their member tribes and other tribal organizations to make donations to the
fund. They have also announced that additional financial donations have
surpassed $50,000.

"We're getting back to life doing repairs ... I'm not working; I had a lot
of stress. This will help me get it back together," said one gift card

"This [gift cards] will replace the trees burned. This is going to help us.
I think all the tribes coming together is the right thing to do. United we
stand, divided we fall," said another recipient.

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One mother felt that is was an honor to receive the gift cards.

AMERIND Risk Management Corporation is a consortium of tribes and tribal
housing authorities throughout the United States working together to
protect themselves and their tribal families from disasters such as the
fires that devastated the reservations in Southern California.

The need for adequate housing and protection for that precious housing is
greater today than it has ever been in Indian country. Although AMERIND
protects over 7 billion dollars of property owned by tribes, they have only
just begun to address the financial protection needed by individual tribal
members and their families. The traditional insurance industry has turned
its back on rural America and Indian country in particular. On most
reservations adequate insurance is either not available or not affordable.

The devastating fires in southern California reflect the problem that out
of 138 homes lost on the reservations only 12 were afforded coverage.

"I almost lost my home. It [the fire] came right into my backyard. There
were days I didn't know if we had my house or not. We are still trying to
paint, get the smoke and ash out of there [house] so thank you," said a
gift card recipient.

Although the financial need is much greater than the donations generated,
the AMERIND Tribal Family Emergency Fund is a great example of tribes
working together to protect themselves and their families. For more
information about AMERIND Risk Management, call (800) 352-3496 or visit