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American Indian Mural Krew Takes Miami

The American Indian Mural Krew visits Art Basel Miami Beach.
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In early December, the American Indian Mural Krew visited Miami during the international art festival known as Art Basel Miami Beach and made their presence known with two murals created during the show.

Here are a few words from Jaque Fragua, a member of the Krew:

Miami was great! As usual, there was an endless amount of art, in the form of parties, salons, pop-up shows, street interactions and walls. This year would not be my tourist year. My intention this time around was to bring an indigenous presence to the art microcosm that is Art Basel Miami Beach. ... there needed to be something indigenous in a place full of movement, facades, money, consumption, and homogenized culture, made us come together to create the antithesis. Some of the most elite had no idea that indians still existed! I’m very glad we were able to educate and open eyes just by being there. What we made was important, but not as important as the people we met, the laughs we shared, the dialogues we sparked, or the love that rippled from each color we sprayed.

For more images and reflections, visit and the blogs of Yatika Fields ( and Jaque Fragua (, who were on the scene.


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photo by Nia MacKnight,

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