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American Indian Motion Picture Awards, Coming to a Television Near You

Organizers plan to bring the American Indian Motion Picture Awards Show to television, with Indian country's help.
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The 2014 American Indian Film Festival starts November 1 in San Francisco and runs through November 9, when it will conclude with the 39th annual American Indian Motion Picture Awards. This year, festival organizers have something new and different planned: The show will be taped live, and the footage boiled down to a 90-minute edit that will air on selected television stations on November 29.

According to the American Indian Film Institute (AIFI), this would be the very first televised broadcast of an American Indian awards show. The organization is working on deals with stations in several markets, including Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Miami.

AIFI is seeking support for its broadcast venture through Kickstarter, where those who'd like to contribute can do so for as little as $10. "AIFI doesn’t have a multi-million dollar media endowment to bring our stories and artists to TV viewers," says founder and president Michael Smith. "But we do have the public—in America and beyond—who will support, attend and respond to the American Indian Motion Picture Awards Show."

The 2014 AIMPAS will be co-hosted by Tonantzin Carmelo and Michael Spears, and will feature live entertainment from Keith Secola, Ras K'dee, Yaaw Tei Yi Tlingit Dancers, Drew LaCapa, Swil Kanim, Spencer Battiest and Inez Jasper.Here's a video for the Kickstarter campaign:

Here are two more videos that capture the spirit of AIMPAS. First, "The Early Years":

And "The Last 15 Years":