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American Indian Law Clinic To Host Boarding School Healing Symposium

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A Boarding School Healing Symposium will be held this weekend, May 14-15 in Boulder, Colorado to discuss and draft a strategy to get national recognition and an apology, as well as reparations.

Representatives from the Boarding School Healing Project, Native American Rights Fund, American Indian Law Clinic at the University of Colorado Law School and Human Rights Clinic at the University of Wyoming will be attendance. These representatives have expertise in many areas including social/psychological, health, cultural, legislative, legal, education and media.

"This is a historic gathering of those people and organizations which have been committed to effectuating healing for both individuals and tribal communities from this shameful legacy. We hope through this coordinated effort and increased public awareness that we will be able to develop a plan that will be effective at both the national and local level," said symposium coordinator Jill Tompkins, who is director of the American Indian Law clinic at Colorado Law.

The event itself is invite only, but the public is welcome to attend a screening of A Century of Genocide and panel discussion on Saturday, May 14 from 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.