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American Indian Language Development Institute Summer Program Focuses on Bridging Generations

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The 32nd Annual Summer Institute hosted by the American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI) will be held June 6 to July 1 at the University of Arizona.

This year’s institute theme is Bridging Generations of Indigenous Community Languages and Traditions. The institute is four weeks long and classes will integrate traditional and contemporary approaches to teaching, providing students with tools to revitalize their languages and motivate new generations of learners.

Enrolled participants will attend morning courses on topics such as linguistics, language and culture, with special guest lecturers like Dr. Gregory Cajete, (Santa Clara Pueblo), the Native American Studies chair at the University of New Mexico.

Afternoon courses will include language immersion, curriculum development, Tohono O’odham language immersion, language and technology and language activism.

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AILDI will close with Language Immersion for Native Children being held June 29 to July 1. This three-day workshop is co-sponsored by the Consortium of Indigenous Language Organizations.

Registration forms and information for applicants for the summer program can be found online and emailed to when completed.

According to the AILDI website, its “mission is to mobilize efforts to document, revitalize and promote indigenous languages, reinforcing the processes of intergenerational language transfer. AILDI plays a critical role in ongoing outreach, training, and collaborative partnerships with educators, schools and indigenous communities nationally and internationally through the use of multiple resources.”