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American Indian films at forefront of pre-Oscar week

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Red Nation Film Festival, the premiere American Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles, recently announced “On the Road,” a pre-Oscar event about experiencing American Indian cinema.

At the pre-Oscar event, Los Angeles film enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see the Oscar-nominated film “Frozen River” and four American Indian film shorts. The screenings will take place Monday, Feb. 16, at Raleigh Studios, from 6 - 10 p.m., in Hollywood.

Jay Tavare (“Cold Mountain,” “Into the West”) will serve as host for the free event. Entertainment and refreshments will be provided.

“Red Nation Film Festival ‘On the Road’ is part of a growing independent film movement to promote American Indian films in cities across the country,” said Joanelle Romero, founder and director of Red Nation Film Festival.

“This is a first in Hollywood to screen American Indian Films during Oscar week.”

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The pre-Oscar event is just the first stop. Red Nation Film Festival will hold similar events in Houston, Texas in May; Santa Fe, N.M. in August and Los Angeles in November for the signature festival. Continue to visit for a city near you. Audiences nationwide will get to see the best Native films of the previous year.

“Storytelling has always been part of American Indian way of life,” Tavare said. “We are the 21st century storytellers keeping our stories alive.”

Join us on the environmentally-friendly Red is Green Carpet for this first in a series of special events.

The Annual Red Nation Film Festival is a project of American Indian Heritage Month in Los Angeles which was founded by Romero in 2006. RNFF’s goal is to support American Indian cinema and to place American Indian actors, writers, directors, producers on prime time television, radio and film. All proceeds benefit Help The Earth organizations Second Annual Environmental Youth Empowerment Summit – EYES for Earth in association with Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, Help The Earth Club at Viewpoint School.

For more information contact Joanne Cohen at (818) 904-9256.