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Amazing Video of Woman's Miracle Shot

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We were first alerted to this video by the gang over at, and boy are we thankful they found it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is simply a one-in-a-million shot. Okay, perhaps it's a one-in-ten-thousand shot, regardless, it's simply unbelievable.

Here's the set up: 59-year old Brenda Hewlett won a chance to be one of five people who got a chance to slap a hockey puck to win a new 2011 Ford F150 4x4. Brenda had been in the dealership earlier in the day, on Friday, December 16, to get work done on her old truck. While there she had said, "God, I wish I could afford a new truck, mine is falling apart," according to Scott Coupal, the manager at Frenchie's Ford Inc., where Brenda was getting her truck serviced. The service manager on duty, Joe Jock, told her to fill out a ballot that offered her the chance to take a hockey shot and perhaps win a new truck.

The problem is, Brenda had never held a hockey stick in her life. The second problem? This is an impossible shot, a shot a professional hockey player wouldn't be able to do consistently. The puck has to travel 114-feet, and not into a wide open net, but into a tiny slot that is almost the exact same size of the hockey puck itself. Again, you give a professional hockey player this shot and he'd have trouble making it.

That night, Brenda went to the Akwesasne Warriors game (we've covered them here, they have several Native players on their team and play on Mohawk land in Ontario) and was eventually lead out to the blue line, what appeared to be a mile away from the puck-sized hole at the other end of the ice she was trying to thread her shot through. Standing only 5'3", with a stick that was much to large for her, with some difficulty maintaining her balance on the ice, with the crowd all prepared to give her a polite round of applause for her effort when the shot would get nowhere near the net, Brenda took a big swing at the puck and let it fly.

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The result? Watch the video. Believe in miracles.