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Amazing Step-by-Step Carving of Eagle Totem Pole by Young Brothers

Photos of Haida carvers, brother Joe and TJ Young, at work on an eagle totem pole for the Sealaska Heritage Institute in 2009
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Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) has announced that two brothers, Joe and TJ Young, will be carving totem poles and a screen for the Gajaa Hít building in Juneau’s Indian Village. The new works will replace poles carved in 1977 (for more on the project, read the news story at the SHI website). While the undertaking will demand artistry and commitment, SHI is in good hands with the talented Haida brothers, who carved an eagle totem pole for SHI in 2009 that was installed at the University of Alaska Southeast. These photos of Joe and TJ at work on that 2009 carving come from the Sealaska Heritage Institute Picasa gallery.

TJ Young examines the design

TJ begins removing wood

TJ Young

Joe (left) and TJ Young

Joe and TJ Young consult the model of the totem pole they're creating

TJ works on the eagle

TJ Young

TJ Young

TJ Young sweats the details

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A third brother, Ben Young, lends a hand

TJ Young working the eagle end of the totem pole

TJ Young. It takes a steady hand...

Joe Young

The totem pole is nearly ready to be painted

Tools of the trade

TJ Young applying paint

Joe Young painting

Color by color, the totem's imagery takes shape

Joe Young painting

TJ Young painting