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Alesandra Nicole Gets ‘Inked’

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This month's Inked magazine features a lingerie fashion shoot and interview with cover model Alesandra Nicole, who says of her ink, "I didn’t want to be cookie-cutter. I wanted to get skulls and guns tattooed around my hips and lean as far to the offensive side as I could."

She's then identified as an "anything-but-cookie-cutter Native American."

Native American, for realz? "My family is from the Pamunkey Indian Tribe along the Pamunkey river in eastern Virginia," she tells Indian Country Today Media Network. As for the body art that earned her the cover shoot for the magazine (by renowned lensman Warwick Saint), she does have a couple of nods to her heritage. "I've got an Indian woman on my leg," she says, "wearing what is traditionally a man's chief headdress, for reasons personal to me. I've also got a series of feathers along my body."

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