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Alberta Fire Ban Lifted; Hundreds Homeless

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A fire ban had been lifted, oil production was starting to resume and a plan was being developed to get evacuees back into their homes in the region around Slave Lake, Alberta, after the threat of wildfires eased on May 25.

A map released by Alberta officials on May 19 showed 374 lots in town were destroyed and 52 lots damaged, with 59 lots destroyed and 32 damaged in the municipal district of Lesser Slave River, according to CTV, CNN’s Canadian affiliate. Destroyed buildings included the police station and city hall.

Fires ripped through the 7,000-population Slave Lake on May 15 and 16, prompting mass evacuations, but no lives were lost. Now hundreds of people are homeless.

Residents of several First Nations communities were evacuated as well, but their homes were not burned in this region of northern Alberta.

Several oil fields that had been shut down were starting to resume operations as well, Reuters reported.

It was the worst urban disaster in Canada’s history.