Alaska Women Wed at Empire State Building


Lela McArthur, 24, and Stephanie Figarelle, 29, of Anchorage, Alaska, became the first same-sex couple to marry at the Empire State Building today, reported the Washington Post.

The pair who met in an anatomy class at the University of Alaska walked down the aisle on Valentine’s Day.

After the Figarelles (McArthur is taking her partner's name) exchanged rings and completed their wedding ceremony, two men who met at a nightclub in New York City became the first male same-sex couple to be married at the landmark skyscraper.

The two same-sex couples were among four couples who won an online contest for a Valentine’s Day wedding at the Empire State Building on the 61st-floor area designed by event planner Colin Cowie. The couples also posed for photos on the 86th-floor observation deck.

“Equality’s a beautiful thing,” Figarelle told the Washington Post. “Love is a beautiful thing. We don’t have enough of it in this world.”

Figarelle said she hopes Alaska will soon legalize same-sex marriage.

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McArthur, left, and Figarelle pose for photos on the observation deck after their Valentine's Day wedding ceremony at the Empire State Building. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)