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AIANTA Wins Top Ten Best Exhibit Award at 2014 ITB Berlin

AIANTA Wins Top Ten Best Exhibit Award at 2014 ITB Berlin
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Albuquerque, New Mexico (March 8, 2014) — As the world’s largest tourism fair winds down, ITB Berlin officials and a team of students from the international Cologne Business School (CBS) awarded 2014’s Best Exhibitor Awards (BEA) to “the most impressing exhibitors.”??

American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) is the only U.S. exhibitor to be recognized with a 2014 BEA. The AIANTA, with its exciting new visitor pavilion, was named among the top ten exhibitors in The Americas and The Caribbean Category.??

CBS student officials visited more than 11,000 booths at ITB, judging them for creativity, originality, service quality, sustainability and special effects. Martina Leicher of the Cologne Consultancy COMPASS GmbH, which mentors the project, said, “For the exhibitors, the award is an important benchmark indicator for their trade fair performances and thus for their marketing success.”??

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AIANTA Executive Director Camille Ferguson said of AIANTA’s winning booth, “The changes we made in the exhibit to reflect the Native people and connect them to the destinations truly made an impact. But it was the participants who made the pavilion come alive and show the sustainability of our products. All of that was part of the judging criteria.”

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