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AFN Chief Atleo to Harper: 'It's Time to Get to Work'

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"It's been a very interesting month in Ottawa with the recent federal election," says National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Shawn A-in-chut Atleo in his monthly web address for May. In this video, he continues his pressure on the government for action and collaboration on First Nations and other aboriginal issues.

"One thing for certain is that the previous minority parliament was ill-equipped to deal with First Nations issues. With small planning windows of a few months or less we did not see any broad approach or plan to consistently deal with our issues," he points out. "A majority government brings some stability to Parliament, and we see this as an opportunity to advance our issues and work with the government to craft a real plan that will lead to real change."

The government needs to step up, he says.

"My message to the prime minister and the rest of parliament is simple: It's time to get to work."