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Affordable College Foundation: Another Source for Veterans’ Education

The Affordable College Foundation’s noncommercial resource guide for military veterans focuses on paying for college courses after service.

As most Americans are well aware, college costs are increasing exponentially. According to the Affordable Colleges Foundation, these costs are outpacing the rate of inflation nearly five times over, and the percentage of household income needed to pay for a college education today can be nearly 30 percent.

The Affordable College Foundation’s website at attempts to help families, young adults and military veterans by providing information about all the available options for earning, and paying for, a degree. The site examines online study, two- and four-year colleges, and public and private colleges; and it explores financial aid and some of the most common pitfalls.

Recognizing that military veterans have their own set of specific needs and questions, the Affordable Colleges Foundation team also has developed a free, noncommercial resource guide titled “Veterans Guide to Paying for College.” It’s dedicated to college affordability and the higher-education options available to veterans, featuring expert-driven content from military veteran Jeffrey Anderson, a freelance researcher and writer who specializes in higher education for vets, and several contributors from veterans’ affairs departments.

The guide incorporates resource listings for veterans’ scholarships and grants, important details regarding the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program, assistance in finding an affordable and accredited school, and college return-on-investment information for schools with specific veterans’ programs.

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“Part of our mission is to create free resources about college affordability and have our information reach the community,” said Dan Schuessler, the Affordable College Foundation’s chief affordability officer. “We are working hard to accomplish this mission and gain traction before our next round of funding.”