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Adam Sandler's Best Native American Friend Is—Vanilla Ice? That's Weird

Adam Sandler could use an American Indian friend right now. We're not sure Vanilla Ice is the man for the job.

Adam Sandler hasn't said anything publicly regarding the group of Native American actors who walked off the set of his latest project, The Ridiculous Six, over charges that the script is insulting. But in the absence of comment from Sandler, an actor from the film has stepped forward to try to smooth tensions. He plays a famous white guy in the movie, and is famous as a conspicuously white rapper, but he's touting Native heritage in the ongoing discussion.

It's Vanilla Ice, who portrays Mark Twain in The Ridiculous Six.

UPDATE:Fact Check: Is Vanilla Ice Really Native? Choctaw Researchers Investigate

ICTMN's story on the walkout broke on April 23, and was very quickly picked up by news outlets all over the internet. Later that day, Vanilla Ice tweeted:

"In case you didn't know I am Chactaw (sic) Indian. We had a great time filming the movie. Going to be Great."

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He also posted this picture to his Instagram followers:

Vanilla Ice: 'Awesome time with all my fellow Native's - Navajo, Apache, Comanche, Choctaw. Cherokee.'

Over the weekend, he again identified himself as Native, in this brief interview posted online by TMZ:

TMZ characterized Vanilla's support of the film as a "Here comes the cavalry" situation—perhaps the most unintentionally accurate use of a figure of speech we've ever heard.