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Adam Beach Putting Aside Hollywood for 'Arctic Air'

Salteaux actor Adam Beach is setting aside Hollywood for the moment to focus on the CBC series Arctic Air, which is close to his heart.
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Salteaux actor Adam Beach, known for his role in Cowboys and Aliens with Harrison Ford, among others, has ditched Hollywood for the moment to focus back home. He stars in a new series premiering on the CBC on January 10.

It's about a First Nations–owned airline, aptly named Arctic Air, which is also the name of the show. Both fly into remote, largely uncharted territory. Filmed partly in Yellowknife, the series also features spectacular scenery, much of it aerial.

Beach's character is Bobby Martin, who partially owns a mom-and-pop, family-run airline serving northern communities.

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"He's very much a real guy that's trying to do good, but gets himself in these predicaments that build chaos," he told the CBC. "He's just trying to help out but the situations he puts himself in make more work."

Beach, who grew up orphaned on the Dog Creek First Nations Reserve, said he wants to show aboriginal youth that there is a way out of poverty and disadvantage.

"I talk to a lot of reservations," Beach told the broadcaster. "I try to motivate the younger generation dealing with drugs, gang-related issues and just community involvement, how to grow and this show will encourage the younger generation to grow, as illustrated by the character Bobby Martin."

It's not for nothing that he has won a National Aboriginal Achievement Award for 2012. Here's a trailer.