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Actor Saginaw Grant Urges Positivity: 'Anger Gets You Nowhere'

Native American actor Saginaw Grant has a message to share with Indian country regarding the dialogue that has followed the 'Ridiculous Six' walkout.

Editor's note: The article below connects Saginaw Grant's statements to the Adam Sandler film The Ridiculous Six. We feel that based on the timing of the statement and its content, Mr. Grant is clearly addressing the acrimony among Natives that has resulted from disputes over the walkoff. It should be noted, though, that Mr. Grant does not mention the film nor its star by name.

Actor Saginaw Grant took to his Facebook page on Wednesday evening to address the controversy still swirling around the Adam Sandler film The Ridiculous Six. A heated and important discussion about American Indians and Hollywood has been taking place ever since a number of actors walked off the set of the film on April 22. But there's been another side to the dialogue, a darker side, with many of the actors who stayed on set drawing criticism, insults and even threats of physical harm from other Natives for doing so. Grant, a citizen of the Sac and Fox, Iowa and Otoe-Missouria Nations, was not among the actors who left the set that day. Here's what he had to say to his Facebook fans and friends:

We all live in this world that is not perfect and everyone one of us will make mistakes as this is human nature. We must do our best to live a good life and be good to one another. There is no need to put down others and criticize them just because you do not agree with them. I am not happy to see many people fighting and this thing called bullying others. I have others tell me that their life has been threatened and are receiving threatening letters. I want all of you to remember this. "Live this life to the fullest, do the best you can. Stay in school finish your educations and help others. I am especially sending out this message to the many young Native people that I work with everyday and speak with. Listen to your elders as we have lived this life that many of you will still have to go through. If you listen (truly listen) you will always retain the positive messages that have been taught to you and it is this positive message that you can pass on to your own children. We all have choices to either do good in life or to take another path that are not good for us. Anger gets you nowhere. With positive thoughts you will be able to accomplish many things and you will be satisfied. Life is a gift that our creator has given us, respect this gift. I am here and very proud of my Native people. I live my life to the best of my abilities and know who I am. When you know who you are, you will never be humiliated.

—Saginaw Grant

Grant also said that he would be issuing a video statement in the near future, which we'll be sure to post when it's available.