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ACS Study: Women Are More Likely to Exercise if it Feels Like Play

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The American Cancer Society (ACS) is encouraging women to get out and play.

A new survey from the ACS finds that 40 percent of women say they would be more physically active in their free time if it felt less like work and more like play. The survey also revealed that women are 10 percent less likely than men to make time for physical activities they enjoy. The American Cancer Society is responding by encouraging women to get out and play with its "100,000 Acts of Play" Challenge.

100,000 Acts of Play is a movement to encourage women to get active and take time to play during the month of May, logging their playtime activities on the Society's web site.

"Remember the joy of recess? Rushing to the swings, flying down the slide, swinging across the monkey bars? The American Cancer Society wants to bring back that playful spirit and encourage women to exercise by joining its '100,000 Acts of Play' Challenge," the Society states.

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The ACS recommends you walk, dance, ride a bike, ice skate, roller skate, or take up yoga. You could also jump rope, swim, or golf. Sports such as volleyball, softball, baseball, badminton, tennis, downhill skiing, or racquetball can help you release tension and stay in shape. The ACS also suggests you join friends or your children for a game of tag, hop-scotch, kickball, dodge ball or Frisbee, the ACS press release states.

The 100,000 Acts of Play challenge is part of Choose You, the Society's movement to help women live well and pursue healthy lifestyles.

"The American Cancer Society hopes that 100,000 Acts of Play will show women the benefits of play and encourage them to get moving," said Calista Kirby, Miss Rushmore and ACS volunteer who's taken on the Play challenge. "We want women to see that exercise can be and should be fun!"

Find inspiration to get moving at the Play website at Every act of play will contribute to the Choose You movement, encouraging and empowering women nationwide to get active and take charge of their health.

"There are so many little ways to bring play back into your day," said Kirby. "Playing tag with your kids, flying a kite or jumping rope with a friend, or walking the dog with your family. The important thing is to keep moving and have fun."