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Acknowledge genocide in US

Noticing President Obama’s recent standing up and defending validity aspects concerning the Jewish Holocaust, this seems an appropriate time to encourage him to make statements regarding genocide committed on First Contact and Original Nations here in North America. It would mean a lot for his integrity and that of the United States to our whole world, standing up and admitting the U.S. Holocaust of the Original People of North America.

All countries would notice America’s coming clean about how genocide not only occurred to millions in these tribes, but how the science of eugenics developed and employed in the U.S was actually mimicked by Hitler.

Obama’s platform regarding Israel’s expansion might even reflect his willingness to recognize similarities of early Anglo settlers in the U.S. and Jewish settlers now civilizing Palestine.

There is a tremendous opportunity here for this new great leader to stand up and state a truth which would cost him nothing to admit, and would be an incredible uplifting for Natives here. Realizing this is somewhat simplistic, myopic and naive, none the less, I feel this is an appropriate and timely suggestion that merits discussion by your organization.

Indigenous Americans have gained much respect as of late but official acknowledgment and admission of atrocities committed has never truly occurred. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

– Kraig Richard

Shelburne, Vt.