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#AbolishColumbusDay vs. #HappyColumbusDay: How the Twitterverse Saw It

A look at some Columbus Day-themed tweets

How, perhaps, many Americans see Columbus Day:

Some Native reactions:

Once again, with sarcasm:

A family divided:

A rallying image:

Above tweet linked to:

Quoting Howard Zinn:

Spotted on the road:

Above tweet linked to:

Someone who just didn't want to go to class, but still has a point:

Some guy just wants you to watch his video:

Look what they did in Venezuela:

Above tweet linked to: "Columbus Statue Toppled in Venezuela on Day of Indigenous Resistance"

Knowledge is power:

In a way, though, the best may have been this strange, nakedly capitalistic, completely clueless tweet from your fast food overlords at Taco Bell. This is oddly touching (in that it makes us want to eat tacos):