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A warrior wonders

So the government has chosen to look the other way again. To take another thing away from the Native Americans. I am currently serving in the U.S. Army and have been in for six years. To hear that the Supreme Court is allowing the Snow Bowl to use waste water on our sacred mountain makes me think twice of why I serve a country that doesn’t choose to recognize our beliefs just so they can help someone make a quick buck.

I raised my hand not only to serve my country but to also serve my nation (Navajo) and protect the beliefs, lands and sacred sites from destruction. And yet the government has once again lied to the Natives. And yet I serve a country that makes excuses rather than help us save what lands we still have to call our own. Is this really the government I chose to protect, one that lies still to this day?

Myron Yazzie
Chinle, Ariz.

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