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A Tribe Called Red Makes Washington Post List of 2012's Best Albums

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It kicks off with Frank Ocean -- hardly a surprise, as the soul singer has been winning plaudits ever since the release of Channel Orange in July. Neil Young comes in at number 2 -- we don't need to explain who Neil Young is (although we did find the cover art for his album interesting).

The rest of the list, a top 10 of 2012 albums selected by Washington Post critic Chris Richards, contains some mainstream names (Dierks Bentley and Kellie Pickler) and some from off the beaten path (rapper Future and Sierra Leone's Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang). And then there's number 8: A Tribe Called Red's self-titled album.

A Tribe Called Red has been available as a free download at Electric since March, and the Ottawa-based DJ trio's unique "Pow Wow Step" musical stylings have attracted attention from dance music aficionados and of course the Native music press. But making the Washington Post's list is significant not just because it's a large newspaper but also because it's located outside of Canada. 

For previous coverage of ATCR, see "On the (Electric) Powwow Highway with A Tribe Called Red."

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