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A Mother Daughter Bond Captured in Time

A video about Tiffiney Yazzie, a photographer who has done a series of portraits of her mother Rosita.

Tiffiney Yazzie was a young child on the Navajo Nation when her mother Rosita left for Tempe, Arizona to work and study at the local community college. Tiffiney stayed behind with her aunt and grandparents, as is custom, then joined her mother in Phoenix a few years later. That separation both tried and, eventually, strengthened Tiffiney's relationship with her mother; the strong mother-daughter bond is the subject of Tiffiney's photography. Using an antique camera and ducking under a black t-shirt, Yazzie takes simple, powerful images of her mother's hands, face and hair.

The pictures, printed on a large scale, caught the attention of gallery director Carol Panaro Smith, of Art Intersection in Gilbert, Arizona, where they made for a successful exhibit. Yazzie's work will soon be featured in exhibits in Mexico City, New Mexico and Taipai, Taiwan. To see more photographs by Tiffiney Yazzie, visit

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