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A Model Down Under? 'How New Zealand's Chiefs Handle Native Peoples' Iconography & Naming'

Author:, which has thoughtfully and extensively covered the ongoing controversy over the use of Native imagery and native in athletics, has a fascinating column today concerning a New Zealand rugby club known as the Chiefs and the inroads it's made with the indigenous Maori people. The website's Phil Hecken published an article on the subject written by Caleb Borchers, a reader and frequent rugby commentator. Hecken notes:

"Uni Watch (and ESPN, via Paul [Lukas]) have recently done some in-depth investigation of the relationships between American sports teams who use either Native American names (racist or not), iconography and logos, and attempted to engage in discussion of the way teams interact (if at all) with the native populations from whom their names, symbols or logos are derived. While we in the United States might like to think we have a monopoly on this issue, we’re far from alone here."

Enter Borchers and his article. To read the full article on, click here.