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A message to the American people from the Morongo band of Mission Indians

September 11, 2001 --- This is a terrible and sad day in American history.The entire community of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians sends our deepest condolences to the families of the people who lost their lives this morning in the heinous, demented terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

We pray for the continued safety of the President, that of his family as well as our leaders and all Americans everywhere. We also send our heartfelt prayers for the families of the victims and the medical and rescue workers who are working under extraordinary conditions to locate and care for the survivors.

As in every major crisis that this country has faced, we stand with all of America in offering our resources and support in every way. We have contacted the Riverside/San Bernardino Blood Bank to arrange for a special blood drive to be organized immediately on our reservation and in surrounding communities for the victims in New York and Washington.

We were inspired by the people of New York who, within an hour of the terrorists' attacks, lined up outside St. Vincent's Hospital to give blood. It is good to remember that in the face of cruelty and hate that there are still good people in our world willing to do the right thing.

These attacks are unprecedented tragedies of horrific scale and mark a day in United States history that will be remembered forever. America will never be the same after this day and that makes it all the more important that we work together.

It is tragic that anyone still believes that violence and the taking of human life is an acceptable choice in resolving any differences. We pray that our country's leadership will chart a course that will do what is necessary to deliver justice and provide for peace for our families and children.