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A message of empathy to Arizona

When I hear of the illegal immigrant crisis taking place in Arizona I can’t help but think of a similar situation in history where this happened before. Some time ago in a land not so far away the local population welcomed a seemingly endless group of illegal immigrants, most of whom were liars, murderers, and cheats, along with some religious refugees. Sadly, it ended with the local population being murdered and their land stolen.

As a Native American, I sympathize with you, Arizona, because you fear the same will happen to you as it did to the Native American population some time ago.

However, while I do empathize with your situation, the immigrants you are targeting are predominantly hardworking and law-abiding. In comparison, the illegal immigrants from my story (your ancestors) were guilty of committing mass genocide against the local population and two-faced land theft. These are the ones that should be sent back, not the ones in question.

So, Arizona, before you go sending away the wrong group of immigrants for breaking the law, just remember that if you had passed this law in 1492, you wouldn’t be here today!

But in all seriousness, Arizona, I hope I’ve awakened a sense of hypocrisy and conscience in you. For there is a higher law than yours that goes something like this: “Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

As recipients of that higher law and the many blessings that came with it, in whatever you choose to do, Arizona, please do it with love and compassion.

– Mike Estes

Crow Creek Sioux

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.