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'A' Is For Alaska Author Book Signing Event

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“To the pioneer school teachers who considered it worthy to leave the comforts of home and teach Alaskan children,” reads the dedication of ‘A’ Is For Alaska: Teacher to the Territory, the author of which, Naomi Gaede-Penner, will hold a book signing event June 13 at Parker Recreation Center in Parker, Colorado.

The book tells the story of Anna Bortel Church, a woman who much like the Alaska spawning salmon swim upstream, “swam against the current of a society” that expected her to become a wife and mother. Instead, in 1954, the schoolteacher drove up the Alaska-Canada highway from Ohio to Valdez, where snow was measured in feet, not inches to teach in an Athabascan village along the Yukon River.

Author Gaede-Penner was a student of Bortel Church’s and will be at Parker Recreation Center from 7 to 8 p.m. at 17301 E. Lincoln Ave. in Parker, Colorado on June 13 to sign copies of her book.

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