‘A Hand to Hold Onto’

A new partnership between the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA), Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America) and the Institute for Social and Policy Research at Purdue University Calumet looks to improve the understanding of tribal youth victimization and its impact on future juvenile delinquency in order to reduce these experiences in American Indian/Alaska Native communities.

“A Hand to Hold Onto” will survey young adults about the incidence of violence in their childhood in order to get a clearer measure of incidence and what types of violent expressions occur in Indian country. This is the first attempt to ask young adults for their input nationwide.

Contact: Kristy Alberty (503) 222-4044, ext. 133, e-mail kristy@nicwa.org.

I am interested in a story on this new project, its potential, the developmental stages and anything else that may come about while interviewing those involved. Say 700 word range to run in an upcoming Healthy Living section deadline of July 23.

If interested in this story e-mail me at kpolisse@indiancountry.com [Subject line: ‘A Hand to Hold Onto’]