‘A cultural opportunity’

An opportunity has presented itself for a Native American spiritual and educational center for the eastern United States.

On a peaceful hillside in southern Pennsylvania on Nov. 11, 2006, a white buffalo was born. Now the land where it was born is available for purchase so the buffalo can remain there. It would be fitting for a Native American tribe to purchase this land.

This land is located next to the National Park Fort Necessity Battlefield operated by the Department of the Interior. This location is centrally located in the Northeast, where Native culture used to be strong, and now we have this unique opportunity to return it to the people.

In my opinion, the acquisition of the white buffalo is not a racial issue but a cultural opportunity for all people. And I think Native American nations should lead the way because all tribes promote cultural and spiritual ancestry. We should show the world that we practice what we preach.

– Danny W. McGhee

Poarch Band of Creek Indians

Atmore, Ala.