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A Casual--but Significant--Remark May Indicate a Turning Point

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New York Daily News sports columnist Filip Bondy is an admired, award-winning journalist. His columns are read by hundreds of thousands of people in print and online. It's likely that many passed right through his November 30 column on the NY Giants without giving much thought to it, simply enjoying the writing and information. But Bondy leads off his second paragraph with a remarkable line: "The real divisional threat now, and for the foreseeable future, resides instead near the Capital Beltway and bears a racist nickname that no respectful columnist should ever type."

He's of course talking about the Washington Redskins.

Washington's NFL club's use of the term redskins has been a subject of much scorn for being racist, demeaningly stereotypical. Lawsuits have even been filed to stop the use, but it remains in place. 

Some respected news outlets, notably the Kansas City Star, have overtly refrained from publishing the nickname of the Washington team in its NFL reporting. And now we have a leading columnist in the biggest media market in the country not only not using the term, but calling it what it is: racist.

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Perhaps we've reached a real turning point. Food for thought. And we invite you to share yours with us.