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A baseball player's dream

RAPID CITY, S.D. - Devin Gray, 12, is a member of the Harney All Stars team that will represent North and South Dakota in the Little League Central Regional Tournament in Indianapolis - but there is no pressure, Gray said.

Devin is the only American Indian on the team, and is the number two pitcher for the all stars. His father is Darren Gray of Rapid City and mother is Stephanie Voice of Sioux Falls. He lives with his father and stepmother Wannette Gray of Rapid City. Devin is a member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe.

"I'm proud to be chosen for the team and excited about going to Indianapolis," Gray said. He was selected from the Peppers of the Harney league. His baseball card lists him as a shortstop. Devin said most of the players are capable of pitching if needed.

The prospect for doing well in the tournament "looks good." The 12 members of the Harney All Stars will compete against eight teams from the region.

Devin said he has always been a pitcher. "I knew I could pitch." He throws a slider, a change-up and a fast ball. "My slider is my best pitch." He quit throwing a curve ball. Devin finished the regular season with a 9-4 record and he has only been playing baseball for two years.

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Devin has always been interested in baseball and plans to continue playing through high school, but does not have any plans after that, he said.

He did say his favorite professional baseball team was the Atlanta Braves.

Devin is a seventh grader at North Middle School. He said he is a good student and English is his best subject. He is also active in basketball, Devin played for the Screaming Eagles 6th grade team last year.

Devin's family, his parents and three brothers and one sister will be his biggest fans and support group during the tournament.

The Peppers were coached by Steve Wald and the All Stars coached by Butch Linster.