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8 Amazingly Timed Photos of Birds in, and Out of, Their Element

[node:summary]Amazingly timed photos of birds eating, preying, loving.
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The “interwebs” are good for so many things, the display of amazing photography—both crafted and coincidental—not the least of them. These eight photos of birds caught at the perfect moment of flying, preying, eating or otherwise engaged in life serve as a reminder of the billions of tiny miracles of timing that take place during the myriad split seconds of every day. Imagine how long life would feel if we could just slow it down enough to drink in each and every one of these.

Eagle With Jetpack

This jet-setting eagle gets the party started. Originally from Peter Dam photography.

Photo: Peter Dam

Talk About Getting Goosed

Another Peter Dam special. This bird (probably not a goose) follows suit, appearing to hitch a ride on the contrails of a plane. It’s the subject of a photo technique known as forced perspective, “a technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is,” as the website notes. Many more examples of this phenomenon and technique are stored at the website.

Photo: Peter Dam

Spin Drying

Who knew that birds dry off from the birdbath the way a dog dries off from a dip in the lake?

Photo: via Buzzfeed


The bird on the bottom is sick and the one on the top is pushing it to the hospital.

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Bringing Home the Birdie Bacon

The little ones have to eat too.

Photo: Via Buzzfeed

Capturing the Moment—and the Fish

This bird appears to emerge from a hole in the ice. But we will never know for sure how this all went down.

Photo: via Buzzfeed

Keeping It Fluid

This one doesn’t mess with rock-hard water. The liquid version will do just fine.

Photo: via Buzzfeed

Flying the Friendly Skies

The bird, in its element. The fish, not so much.

Photo: 4time2fun-com_via_buzzfeed