6 Costumes Nobody Should Wear This Halloween or Ever

Ohio University’s Students Teaching About Racism/ One of the posters from this year's Culture Not a Costume campaign.

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6 Costumes Nobody Should Wear This Halloween or Ever

To educate students and staff, the University of Colorado Boulder is again partnering with Ohio University’s Students Teaching About Racism (S.T.A.R.) to show people what not to wear for Halloween.

The Center for Multicultural Affairs started hanging posters created by S.T.A.R. on Tuesday, October 24 to remind students of how their costume choices can affect others, reported the Daily Camera.

“The CU-Boulder community has in the past witnessed and been impacted by people who dressed in costumes that included blackface or sombreros/serapes; people have also chosen costumes that portray particular cultural identities as overly sexualized, such as geishas, ‘squaws,’ or stereotypical, such as cowboys and Indians,” says a release from the University of Colorado.

“It’s really a campaign to raise awareness and to create a better sense of community for all of our students and how to have a respectful and inclusive community for all students here at CU,” Randy McCrillis, who became the Center for Multicultural Affairs director in September, told the Daily Camera.

The posters show multicultural students surrounding one student dressed in a costume that is supposed to represent them.

Here are six ways not to dress this Halloween, and if you see a friend dressed like this, please say something:

This poster is from the 2012 campaign:

This is from the S.T.A.R. 2011 poster campaign: