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2005 bison nickel released

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WASHINGTON - Amid the drama of drumming, singing and dancing, and in the
presence of the revered American Bison, U.S. Mint Director Henrietta
Holsman Fore presented the new 2005 bison nickel to the American people in
a Capitol Hill ceremony.

"The 2005 American Bison nickel ... marks the first time that the image of
President Jefferson has ever changed on the nickel." Looking at Cody, the
live buffalo, she added, "There is a beautiful, strong, classic American
bison on the reverse."

The nation's new 2005 nickels - with a bold, new image of Jefferson on the
obverse and a bison on the reverse - went into circulation Feb. 28.

The American Bison nickel is the third design in the U.S. Mint's Westward
Journey Nickel SeriesTM, which began in 2004 with the Peace Medal nickel,
followed by the Keelboat nickel. The Ocean in View nickel, a fourth design,
will be released later this year. A law passed by Congress and approved by
President Bush in April 2003 authorized the redesign of the nation's 5 cent
coin for the first time since 1938 to commemorate the bicentennials of the
Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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