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20-year-old Muscogee entrepreneur wants to change the way we snack

Denny Dore is a 20-year-old Muscogee entrepreneur who wants to change the way we snack with his patent-pending invention, the Cup Buddy.

Denny Dore is a 20-year-old Muscogee entrepreneur with a great solution for carrying bite-sized snacks in a world of cup-holders and backpack pockets. He calls his patent-pending invention, the “Cup Buddy.”

Dore says he was taught by his elders to be a friend to the Earth. As a young child, he ran to catch discarded wrappers that were blowing away in the wind. In his school years, as his mother rushed he and his sister to all their activities, he observed the mess of wrappers and crumbs in her purse. Small snack packs that she bought for them would get crushed and forgotten.

“These things became the inspiration for my startup company, Cup Buddy,” says Dore.

“Eight months ago, my clothing line that I started at 16, went out of business. I knew I had made mistakes, I tried to present it as a big brand before I built a true fanbase. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes and I knew all I could do was learn from mine,” he says. “So, I sat down and started coming up with ideas. Because of how I feel about this planet, I knew we could create a simpler way to snack, without wasting plastic and making a mess.”

Cup Buddy allows you to hold up to three separate snacks, and a spread, all in one container. It’s reusable, dishwasher-safe, and best of all, it fits anywhere. It has been designed to make snacking on the go much more convenient, so it can easily fit in a cup holder, purse or backpack without ever spilling inside.

Cup Buddy has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a funding goal of $40,000. The money will fund the factory tooling and manufacturing so that Cup Buddy can begin production.
“We really feel like this product can make snack time a lot simpler and a lot less wasteful. Funding in the business world is critical to exist, so we’re going to the people and asking them for help to bring Cup Buddy to life.”

Dore has also announced the “Cup Buddy One for One Promise”, which states that for every product sold they will be donating a meal to a child in need. They also plan on partnering with reservations to extend their outreach after they complete their funding.

Denny hopes that Cup Buddy can inspire other young Native entrepreneurs to create opportunities for themselves in the world of business. “Not everyone has opportunities handed to them, sometimes you have to think outside the box and go a different direction than other people. But the opportunities out there are endless if you allow yourself to be creative.” says Dore.

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