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20 More Glorious Portraits of Native Americans by Ryan Red Corn

20 of Ryan Red Corn's amazing portraits of Native Americans, including Amanda Blackhorse, Bill Anoatubby, Arigon Starr and Stelin Harjo.

It was almost exactly one year ago that we featured portrait photography by Ryan Red Corn, Osage, a creative force in Indian country who is already well known as a graphic designer, media consultant (with Buffalo Nickel Creative) and member of the 1491s. As a photographer, though, he's gaining momentum—and fast. We checked his Facebook page and found another wealth of beautiful images of American Indians—both famous and not. 

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Red Corn has a few different series in the works—one of them, about Natives in finance and accounting, is represented here—and some other completed work he can't share just yet. As a performer and educator with the 1491s, and a frequent presence at rallies and demonstrations all over Turtle Island, Red Corn is a travelin' man who doesn't limit his subject matter to Oklahoma NDNs. In other words, Ryan Red Corn could turn up in your town next, camera in hand. Look sharp, Indian country.

'Amanda Leeh Blackhorse, Navajo. It was awesome to have the pleasure of photographing Amanda. I have known her since my time at KU when we set up protests at the Kansas City Chiefs game, and subsequently when she signed on for the lawsuit against the Redskins (Blackhorse v. Pro Football) I was one year too old for the range they needed but Amanda has made the cut and spent the last ten years being a constant voice for change on Indian mascots, in addition to being an outstanding mother, a holder of a Masters in Social work, and a great friend. Keep up the good work Amanda, you are inspiration to all Native people including our daughters.' —Ryan Red Corn. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Portrait of Governor Bill Anoatubby, Chickasaw Nation. 'This photo is part of a project I'm working on for NAFOA, encouraging young Natives to pursue careers in the finance and accounting fields.' —Ryan Red Corn. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Ellen Gabriel, standing in the middle of the road in Kanehsatake. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Willow Abrahamson, Shoshone-Bannock. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Micah Jim. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

'We have been married 65 years. Our parents didn't think we would last six months because we were a mixed couple.' - John Fields with his wife Lenora, Osage. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

James Cosby, Osage. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Che Deer. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Chase Parker, Cree. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

'Portrait of Ben Jacobs, Osage, and co-owner of Native Foods Restaurant in Denver, Colorado called Tocabe at 44th and Lowell. They serve bison ribs with blue berry bbq sauce and indian tacos with all the best fix'ns.' —Ryan Red Corn. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Sterlin Harjo, Creek/Seminole Filmmaker and 1491. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Portrait of Sahmie Joshevama, Hopi, recent graduate of Arizona State University. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Junior Bruner, Seminole/Creek. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Haley Carter, Cherokee. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Arigon Starr, Creek Comic Book auteur. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Anpao Duta Flying Earth. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Precious Benally, Diné. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Nakeezaka Jack, Navajo/Shoshone-Bannock. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

'Father, lacrosse coach, city councilman, code ninja, master p fan and my longtime business partner Joseph Brown Thunder, Ho-Chunk/Oglala.' —Ryan Red Corn. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.

Dawson Her Many Horses, Rosebud Lakota. Photo by Ryan Red Corn.