17th Annual Benefit Pow Wow at University of Texas at Arlington Honors Veterans


We're always delighted by student run and organized pow wows. The Shorthorn, the University of Texas at Arlington's (UTA) student newspaper, reported this past weekend on the school's 17th Annual Benefit Pow Wow, which is hosted by UTA's Native American Student Organization in their Bluebonnet Ballroom.

As the crowd took in the beautiful spectacle of the Grand Entry, a memorial song was played by the Bear Claw Singers, honoring all the men and women in the military. Emcee Albert Old Crow called all the veterans together and directed the crowd to make its way down their line and thank these brave men and women for their service.

“Ease the burden that you carry,” the Shorthorn reported that Old Crow said to the veterans. Old Crow had everyone in attendance remove their head pieces, stand up, and pay their respects to the flag.

“All we ask is for a little bit of time, you give us your respect and attention,” Old Crow said.

UTA's ROTC presented the color guard. As the dance competitions got under way, the spirit in the room, which was filled with families and students, created the perfect environment for honoring the men and women who serve their country.