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12 Killed in First Air Crash in Resolute Bay; 3 Survive

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A First Air plane carrying 15 people from Yellowknife to Resolute Bay has crashed near its destination airport, killing 12 and injuring three, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said, according to media reports.

First Air is wholly owned by Makivik Corp., the Nunavik Inuit's political and economic development arm. The RCMP said the plane was a charter flight with 11 passengers and four crew members aboard, according to Postmedia News and other reports.

The 737-200's last contact was at 12:40 p.m. August 20, and it crashed 10 minutes later, First Air said. Three injured passengers were being treated at Resolute Bay's health center, the Nunatsiaq News reported.

Makivik Corp. is the economic development arm of the Quebec Inuit that was formed after the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement was signed in 1975, according to the organization's website. It represents the 9,800 Inuit of Nunavik and administers funds stemming from the agreement.

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