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12 Days of Posters: Gregg Deal on Taking Our Children

A poster by Gregg Deal about the Indian Child Welfare Act, for Honor the Treaties
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Artist Gregg Deal is on a creative tear, bringing us both the Last American Indian on Earth project and the ChangeTheName video -- it's hardly surprising that he was among the first artists to join the HonorTheTreaties team. This particular poster addresses the persistent issues connected to the Indian Child Welfare Act -- which has been in the news constantly over the course of 2013 with the Baby Veronica controversy. Deal seems to be saying it gets down to a simple word and concept: Respect. Respect for laws, respect for families, respect for Natives. Right-click to download this medium-size image below (1001 x 1500 pixels) -- for the much larger version, visit the downloads page at You may also want to visit ICTMN's 12 Days of Posters archive.

The art formerly known as The Barrymore

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