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12 Days of Posters: Ernesto Yerena's Instant Classic

An iconic poster by Ernesto Yerena created for Honor the Treaties.
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In our continuing look at the work being created and given freely by, we bring you the poster below by Ernesto Yerena (Xicano/Yaqui), one of the first works produced for the project. Based on an Aaron Huey photograph, the simple image of a young Lakota girl with her arms raised to the sky complements the three-word imperative that serves as the orgaization's name. As the artists' collective has grown, it's put out a wide variety of images addressing a range of issues, but few can rival this one's immediacy and visual punch.

Right-click to download the image below at medium size (1000 x 1500 pixels), for a super-high-resolution version visit the downloads page at You may also want to visit ICTMN's 12 Days of Posters archive.

The art formerly known as The Barrymore

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