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11 Uniform Changes That Make You Wonder Why 'Redskins' Still Have Logo

11 Uniform Changes That the 'Redskins' Made Since 1933
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The "Redskins" jersey's (at least) didn't always show the offensive face logo.

From 1933 to 2005, the Washington football team changed its jersey logo 15 times before settling on one, according to

What’s interesting is that of those 15 changes, the team did not use the logo - showing a Native face either on the helmet or the body of the jersey - for 8 of those times. In other words, previous owners were able to do without using the Native face on the team's logo.

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Here’s a look at the team’s uniforms from the past (from 

1. 1933

In 1933 -- with George Preston Marshall at the helm as the team’s owner -- the team’s helmet was a burgundy color. But only a few years later, it would change to a gold color. The helmet remained that way until the early 60s.

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2. 1937

If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are face patches on the sleeves, which profile the right side of the face.

3. 1942

This jersey was produced in Ray Flaherty’s final season with the team. No trace of the offensive face logo here.

4. 1948 & 1956

Redskins 1948 jersey (

According to, “the 1948 jersey marks the most unusual number styling the ‘Redskins’ have ever seen – making them the only NFL team to use this unique style.”

In 1956, the home uniform was styled to include vertical gold-white-gold stripes on the shoulders.

Redskins 1956 jersey

There’s no trace of the face logo on either of these jerseys.

5. 1962

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Across the center of the helmet, the team added a multi-colored feather and in the middle of the sleeves, numbers were added.

1962 was the first season that Marshall finally integrated the team.

6. 1966

The home jersey reverts to a stripe-less look and its sleeves are shortened. The team also added a spear to the helmet. It’s very similar to FSU’s helmet logo.

7. 1969 & 1970

Redskins 1970 jersey

The NFL celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1969 and the patch on the left shoulder was added to commemorate that milestone. All NFL teams wore the patch.

The team removes the spear and adds a giant ‘R’ on each side of the helmet in 1970. Then another feather is added as a tail the ‘R’.

8. 1973

The offensive “Indian face” logo finally shows up on the helmet. They’d done so well without adding it.

9. 1982

The sleeves on the jersey match the stripping of the burgundy pants and the stripes on the jersey sleeves are noticeably larger.

10. 1994

The ’94 season marked the NFL’s 75th anniversary. To celebrate this, most teams wore a ‘throwback’ sweater. The diamond patch (squint to see it) was added to the collar of the jersey.

11. 2005

12. 2014

Who knows what it’ll look like. Here’s my guess.