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10 Ways to Tell: You KNOW You're At a Pow Wow When …

Pow wow season is right around the corner, and to prepare for the season ICTMN presents 10 ways to tell if you are at a pow wow.

Come on springtime! Ahh the sound of bells and jingles are resonating through the air and the drummers are beginning their warm ups. If the air is damp, you might see hair dryers underneath the blankets trying to tighten up the drum skin or perhaps the head dancer is sending a text to his wife to bring his roach he left in the car.

These are but a few indications that Pow wow season is in full force! We know everyone is reminded in different ways, so we thought we’d ask our readers what ways they might say: You KNOW you are at a Powwow when…

The handicap bathroom stall becomes a dressing room

Are you kidding? With all that extra space in that stall? And the convenient bars and hooks for hanging those pieces of regalia? It’s no wonder Donna Herrin grabs the number one spot with this one. Thanks Donna and see you at the pow wow. Pssst - How much longer are you going to be in there?

The whole world stops when an eagle feather lands on the ground

Adam Moore of Oneida, Wisconsin called this one on the money. No explanation needed other than honoring our fallen heroes and warriors deserves such an honor.

When Shawl Fringe gets caught in a lawn chair

You know the feeling, you are on a roll moving from spot to spot, when suddenly – the human brakes screech to a halt as the fringe gets caught. Yes you are definitely at a pow wow. Thanks Doll Alexander

When people start lining up at 11:30 for 11:00 Grand Entry

Do we need to go into this too much? Native people are late …occasionally. Thanks to Robert Bitto for calling folks out about Indian Time.

When you smell sage, sweetgrass and frybread and hear drums and bells in the same place

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There were too many great variations submitted by ICTMN readers of this one to count. But you get the idea. The senses of smell and sound are affected at a pow wow for sure.

The beat of your heart matches the beat of the drums

So many of our readers such as MaryJo Oakley-Schaefer of Catoosa, Oklahoma wrote that the beat of the drum matches the beat of your heart, there was simply no way we could leave it out. Combined with the music of the singers and dancers moving to the beat – ‘and you begin to DANCE,’ says MaryJo - then you definitely know you are at a pow wow.

The prominent hair style is braids

If your hair is braided and when you look around almost everybody else has braids…and more braids. Then yes, you are at a pow wow. Again a ton of you, such as Crystal Combs of Salem, Oregon suggested this one.

When you see hundreds of hickies and babies

In addition to the colorful regalia in a rainbow of colors, Dale Strawser reminded us something else we might see – a rainbow of neck spots and lots of babies all over the pow wow grounds. Wait just one moment, is that a name we see spelled out in that hickie?

When you see license plates with NDNBEAR or REZPOWER

Yes Eva Marie Keams, you called this one right. Don’t forget of course the thousands of pow wow bumper stickers, feathers in rear-view mirrors and other such pow wow vehicle oriented indicators.

When the MC shouts HOKA!

Without a doubt this is a true indicator that you will be seeing regalia laden dancers, kids running around like crazy trying to spend their five dollars and tons of people trying to take pictures. Ok MC, we’re ready for you to shout…let’s get this season started! Thanks Danielle Ta'Sheena Finn you nailed it!